You, Defined

Rybo Chen helps others build navigation systems for their life.

What defines you? 

On my drive to work this morning, this question slipped in my mind.

"What defines me?" 

I recall thinking about this question before, and did not arrive at a concrete answer. 

We should not be defined by our names, titles, statuses, successes, failures, wins, losses, or in general, anything that's beyond our control. These are simply outcomes & results of what we have done during the process. These little choices and actions we took. 

So what defines me? 

My thinking shifted. 

I'm defined by the choices and actions that I make. 

How do I react when I face setbacks and hardships? 

How do I treat people whom may have little value to me?

Do I offer others encouragement, hope, and confidence?

How do I react internally and externally when someone criticizes or compliments me?

We should be defined by what's within our control - which are the choices and actions we make.


What are your thoughts? Agree? Disagree? 

How do you define yourself?

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