What you didn't know about you

Today, you’re going to learn something important about yourself. Pay close attention.


You’re stronger than you think, more resilient than you think.

You can handle more pressure than you know, go farther than you know.

You’re more attractive than you tell yourself, more magnetic than the sun itself.

Your eyes melt brain cells, lift ghosts out of shells.

Your words echo in my eardrums, like King Junior firing dreams away like a loaded gun.

Your smile would beat a puppy, in a contest for beauty, not fluffy.

Your breath could melt glaciers, give global warming a run for its money, doing it favors.

Your touch saves lives, like Jesus, you heal under a disguise.

But you don’t know that, you tell yourself lies.

You drown in your ocean eyes, blinded by emotional fireflies.

You were never taught how to say the words that need to be said.

So here I am stuck trying to understand you, trying to open your head.

But that’s okay, cause I’ve got my whole life.

I’ve been waiting on this, waiting for you my whole life.

Building up to this moment, building myself the whole time.

Preparing for your greatness, ready for the greatest of all time. 


It’s hard to say it in person, so I guess I’ll stick to these rhymes.
I’ll teach you how to see, lift that veil and make you unblind.

I’ll polish your soul, so bright you’ll need shades for your own shine.

I’ll build you, turn you into the best version of you, into one of a kind.

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