True Form

F: "Look at these people. Look at how reactive they are to their surroundings, to life. They have no control over what they feel, what they think."

P: "I'm not sure I know what you mean?"

F: "Let me elaborate. I think that within every single person, there is a little version of themselves in their head, sitting in there in front of a bunch of monitors. Let's call this little person the True Form. It's the most neutral, original, unfiltered version of themselves. It's the inner observer that is conscious of everything that happens in the person. Their feelings, thoughts, sensations. The monitors that your True Form observes are turn on when something happens. Let's say a car passes by, it's different-looking, maybe it's bright neon green with an aggressive body. The "unique car" monitor turns on, and your True Form notices it. In many cases, it doesn't pay close attention to most monitors when they light up. But every once in a while, it is fixated on a particular monitor. It is mesmerized by a particular monitor, and like a zombie, loses all self-control and is 'sucked in' to what is playing on this monitor."

P: "You're starting to lose me. I'm not sure what your point is..."

F: "I'm talking about spiraling. Being lost in a thought. Being continually fixated on a thought (say, being betrayed by a loved one) is like having the little person in your head staring at that monitor for a long time. The longer they stare at the monitor, the more fatigued they become. Once they're finally done watching whatever is playing on that particular monitor, they are exhausted. They no longer have energy to do anything else. Isn't that exactly like what happens when you spiral? You overthink one thing and the rest of your life fades into the background, and it may be hours, days, or weeks before you 'snap' out of the spiral, and when you finally do, you stand up, look around, and realize an entire chunk of your life has passed you by and you've missed the majority of it."

P: "You're referring to my trust issues with Angela."

F: "I'm not talking about you, or anyone in particular. I'm talking about everyone in this world. I'm talking about how our minds work, how attention, focus, and self-awareness works. If you believe or agree with my view of this True Form concept, then there's really only one way to live happily."

P: "I'm listening."

F: "It's for your True Form to take control, to decide which monitor to look at, when. And which monitors to ignore even when they light up. When a negative, potentially self-destructive thought enters your head -- 'my career is over', 'he does not care nearly as much about this friendship as I do', 'she thinks I'm stupid or unreliable' -- consciously choosing to let it go rather than latch onto it. If you are able to choose what restaurant to eat at for dinner, which pair of shoes to buy, or which place to travel to for your next vacation, why can't you choose which monitors in your head to stare at?"

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