Sound of silence

A: "Let's just sit here. And not talk."

B: "What? What do you mean? I don't get it."

A: "I mean, literally, let's just sit here and enjoy each other's presence for a moment, without needing to fill empty spaces with sounds."

B: "Dude, that's really weird. I still don't get the point. What do you want to eat later?"

A: "I'm serious. Just give it a try. Five minutes."

B: "Okay, but...what do I do?"

A: "Let's just look at each other, and not talk or do anything."

B: "That's extremely odd. I'm not sure why we're doing this."

A: "Okay, look. We live in a time and world where we're constantly bombarded by external stimuli, by distractions. Our head is filled with so much crap that's coming from the outside, that we barely have any room on the inside to do any real, deep, meaningful thinking. You hear what I'm saying? So, even for just five minutes, let's just sit back, and stop receiving any new stimuli for a second, and just appreciate being here, with each other."

B: "Um, fair enough. Okay. I guess let's try it."

5 minutes later

B: "That was hard."

A: "Yeah. That's why it was important for us to do it. How did you feel?"

B: "I, um, I couldn't stop thinking about a bunch of stuff. What I needed to do today, tomorrow, later in the week. What someone said to me yesterday that made me a bit self-conscious. What the dentist told me about flossing everyday. I don't know, a lot of random, disconnected shit."

A: "Mm hmm. I know. It's amazing how your brain doesn't stop, even though you've stopped taking in new information, right?"

B: "Yeah I guess. And like, it stressed me out. I didn't want to think about all that stuff, you know? I was so tempted to just look at my phone, look at Instagram posts, talk to people, anything, just to get my mind off of the shit in my head."

A: "Yeah, I can relate. Problem is, there's nothing more crucial to sorting through issues in our heads, to feeling calm, and being okay, than the sound of silence. Yet, how much time in our day is spent in silence, on a typical day? An hour? Thirty minutes? Ten minutes? Five? From the moment you wake up to the sound of your alarm to the moment you put your phone down before bed time, there's barely any headspace for properly dealing with emotions and thoughts."

B: "You're honestly one of the weirdest people I know. In a good way."

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