The Sky is Not the Limit


“I really want it. I do. I just think I’m too lazy to actually work for it.”


Wake up. Listen to yourself. The very mentality that “something is too hard” or “I’m not good enough or too lazy” is the reason you will never get it. People often say the sky is the limit. No. The sky is not the limit. Your mind – the boundaries of your imagination – is the limit. If we all know that intuitively, if we all know success is much easier said than achieved, why can’t we rewire our thought patterns and behavior to overcome this inertia?


Because change is mentally taxing. Change is a wall that is a little too high for you to climb – one that despite jumping, you may just miss the top. Change is a showstopper that silences the talkers and rewards the doers. Organizational psychologists have proven that it doesn’t matter whether change is positive or negative – any kind of change is disruptive in nature.


Let’s run a thought experiment. Let’s assume you take the subway to work every day. You hop on the northbound train at 8:30am sharp to make it into the office before 9:00am. Let’s assume you’ve been doing this consistently for a year now. Then one day, abruptly, as you walk through the entrance to the platform at 8:28am like you do every single day, you hear an announcement and see people walking in the opposite direction as you. The subway is down for maintenance. There’s no train service today. If you’re like most people, you will feel discomfort.


God, I can’t believe this. I really don’t want to deal with this right now. Let’s face it, there’s not a single alternative day that you would’ve wanted to deal with this situation.


So you’re a little rattled. You join the crowd in their outward momentum, and decide to take a cab to the office. Not only are you 10 minutes late, you’re busy explaining to your team why you were late and how frustrated your morning has been.


Tell me if that doesn’t resonate – it should, at least for most people. It’s because change affects us, no matter how big or small the change. If something as simple as a change in commute or route can cause disruption in your day, imagine trying to change your long term goals or habits. That stuff is next level.


Fortunately, simply being aware that change takes up a lot of mental resources is enough to help you take the first step to cross that inertial chasm. It’s probably still going to suck, when the change occurs, but at least you’re aware that it sucks, and at least you now have control over a decision, rather than simply reacting emotionally. Only then, will the sky replace your mind as the limit.

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