Reinvent yourself

Disclaimer: This won't make any sense if you're close-minded. You have been warned.

Do you ever just wake up, and not want to be yourself? Not want to live your life. Deal with the shit you have to deal with?

We all have those days, you're not alone. The funny thing about this thing we call identity is that it is entirely constructed.

"You can't change who you are" is the biggest bullshit I've ever heard in my life. Allow me to deconstruct the assertion for you.

Who you are, in other words your identity, is nothing more than a collection of past experiences, preferences, and a lifestyle. Don't believe me?

Why is your name your name? Your parents gave it to you before or when you were born. A past experience.

Why do you go to the school you go to, or work for the employer you're employed by? A past application.

Why do you wear what you wear each day? Because at some point in your life, you went shopping, and based on what you liked at the time, your friends, your musical and artistic influences, and the number of zeros in your bank account, you bought what you're wearing today.

All of the above are essentially just effects to causes. So why is it that we like to "cling" onto things, blend them into a cocktail and call it our identity?

Because fundamentally, change is disruptive. It's human nature to enjoy some form of consistency, at least for most of us.

But this is the part that bothers me: when you become overly attached to your identity, you begin to write off things that are not compatible with your view of the world. Said another way, you become close-minded.

"I would never wear that. The fuck is that shit? WEIRD."

"Yeah that's really stupid, what he said. Why would anyone say that?" 

"She's so lame, omg look at her. Does she think she's inspiring or something?"

"I can't stand... I can't deal with... That really gets on my nerves..."

You are so attached to your idea of how the world should be that any tiny deviation from it causes vibrations in your mind. The sad thing is this condition tends to exacerbate with age. It's as if the more we see and experience in life, the less we are willing to accept changes. Does that mean age and wisdom are negatively correlated?

You are nobody.

You are not your school.

You are not your employer.

You are not your net worth.

You are not the shoes you wear.

You are not the car you drive.

You are not the religion you practice.

You are not the inevitable outcome of your parents', friends', colleagues', or the world's decisions.

The most beautiful and powerful gift for humanity is our ability to create, to change, and to reinvent ourselves.

You can kill today's version of you, and be reborn a new person tomorrow. 

You can wholesale facelift your social circle at any point in your life.

Turn off autopilot, for your own sake, and evaluate yourself.

I will never change the way I constantly change, I promise you.

I love myself way too much to give a fuck about what you or anyone else thinks.

But I care about you too much to not say something, to not try and wake you up.

So, friend, wake up please, because life is so much more lit when you can see.

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