Nothing is all we need

"Hello, my only one, just like the morning sun, you keep on rising till the sky knows your name."

Let's be honest, you're not comfortable in your own skin.

Your posts paint a picture of a life you don't live.

You wear clothes to identify with identities that don't fit.

You joke about things you don't understand, not even a little bit.

You turn up music to drown out the unbearable noise your mind builds.

You eat food to fill a void in your life that cannot be filled.

You travel to places to overwrite your insatiable thirst for novelty.

You are both not alone and completely alone constantly.

So go on, continue stuffing your fucking face.

Continue covering your insecurities with price tags.

Continue spreading your completely useless opinions.

Continue feasting on all the empty fucking compliments.

Continue basking in the glory of the lies you run on.

You are nothing without the comfort of your attachments.

You are nothing without the associations you've constructed in your mind.

You are nothing without the barricades of your schedule and your dime.

You are nothing without the foundation of your experiences.

You are nothing when all the layers of your onion is peeled.

And yet, nothing is peace.

Nothing is bliss.

Nothing is all we need.

Nothing is all we have.

And nothing is all we'll become at the end of our journey.

Child, don't be scared.

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