Infinite parallel lines

Disclaimer: Please read with an open mind. 

A: "Infinite parallel lines."

B: "What?"

A: "You asked me, what I think of the choices I've made in life. Whether I'm glad, regretting them, or numb."

B: "Mm hmm. Again, what? Infinite what?"

A: "Infinite parallel lines. Decisions you make set you on a particular line, a trajectory. Think of it like a lane on a road. As soon as you make a decision, any decision, no matter how significant or trivial, you've 'switched' onto another parallel lane. You're only ever on that line for a split second, until the next decision happens."

B: "That actually...makes sense."

A: "And there is no such thing as no decision. If you sit idle and remain silent, that in itself is a decision. It's a continuous process."

B: "Right. But what if you're trying to correct a fault? Wouldn't that be like going backward on this so called line?"

A: "No. You can't ever go back. Come on man. I know it's a metaphor, but it's just impossible to go back to the past. Even when you try to fix something, you are adding cause to get a future effect, no matter how similar to the past you'd like that effect to be."

B: "Okay fair enough. So, fine, it's a fancy concept. But is it useful? Your head is so far up in the cloud I'm not sure you know how to apply it on Earth at times."

A: "One benefit of understanding how our decisions and life together are just a complex multi-dimensional pattern of infinite parallel lines, is that you can begin to appreciate the line you are on (aka, where you are), no matter where your past self thought you were eventually going to be. How many times have you set a goal, executed on a plan, and landed on the bullseye? The millions of decisions you make everyday inevitably glides your trajectory to another place, for better or worse."

B: "How are we talking about this at 10am in the morning after a 3am night of drinking?"

A: "But see, the beauty of it is that you are the driver. You have control over the wheel. Sure, you can't predict or prevent a crazy driver from appearing out of nowhere, hopefully missing you by an inch. You can't make it not rain. But you can sure as hell decide which lane to drive on, or how fast you want to go. If you're feeling too crowded on one road, you could try to find another that is more deserted, quieter."

B: "Should we go for a drive? I could use some sushi."

A: "The problem is that most of the time, we're too busy looking at other lines, chasing that shiny silver one for some time, before switching over to chase after the glossy ruby red one. We're so distracted, we don't even recognize the line we're on. We're on auto-pilot mode most days, just going through the mechanical motions. Wake up people, wake up! That gold-plated line is on Mars! You don't even know how to fly an airplane!"

B: "...are you done?"

A: "Yeah, let's get sushi."

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