I started something, because I can

About 2 months ago I started an Instagram page, because I could.

I noticed there was a superabundance of mind-degrading content.

So I decided it was time to get a virtual megaphone and say what I should.

I noticed people were catching on, thirsty for perspective and tired of dead ends.

I started dealing whatever came to mind that was worth another pair of eyes.

Like I'm at the fish market, putting up catches of the day, black, red and white.

They ate it up, soaking up omega 3's, till I went belly up, so I had to go back to the start,

Just to stay in business, just to prove I meant this, just to show them I'm relentless.

I started this not because there's a want, but because there's a need.

I started this because this is my responsibility.

Nobody else in this world is more fit than me,

to take this pen and write like nobody's reading.

Somebody once asked me if I was afraid of what people would think.

She clearly didn't know me very well. I looked at her, and didn't blink.

"I stopped caring about what people thought of me a long time ago.

My quality of life has skyrocketed since then, it's like I left for Mars and found gold."

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