Flying solo

"Nobody should be alone during the holidays."

Fuck that, what kind of logic is that?

What kind of insecure is honestly believing in that?

If we can't be alone, how can we even act like adults?

How can we take responsibility for all of our faults.

It's crazy, how fucking loud this silence can be.

The only voice you're hearing is your own and it's on repeat.

It's a shame, you're used to drowning truth with a bird,

that tweets on and on shit for days with every word.

But I'll never be heard, and so you'll never be cured.

The more you drink, the more you think, you'll just be deeper in hurt. 

If you say I'm full of shit, well you wouldn't be first.

I've seen it all, and heard it all, is it a blessing or curse?

I'm flying solo, with AirPods in, please don't bother me.

Please, oh please, don't push your overrated novelties.

Point, click, filter, post, shoes, raves, don't overdose.

When you're done you're high, I won't be here, adios.

I'm gone.

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