"Say you'll always be my greatest fan. Sing your favorite words just like a band." -6lack

How many miles can you drive, before you run out of road?

How many seconds can you count, before you start to lose count?

How long do I have your attention, before you stop recognizing who I am?

How far north are you willing to run, before you turn back and go southbound?

How many times will you run at a wall, before you feel the blood from your head?

How many leaves need to fall, before you figure out it's full on fall?

How many words will you speak, before you surrender defending your cause?

How many dollars can you spend, before you understand it means nothing at all?

How do I make you see that this here is momentary?

How do I ensure you get a good night's sleep, so tomorrow is kinder to you?

Which notes do I need to hum, to ease your anxiety, and stop you from falling apart?

Which tales do I need to tell, to shuttle you to Neverland, and turn to orange all your blues?

I'm in here.

I've always been in here.

I'll always be in here.

Promise me you'll trust me, now and forever.

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