"The world is full of kings and queens, who blind your eyes and steal your dreams." -Luca Modesti

What would happen if you lost 99% of your personal belongings tomorrow? If you just woke up on your bedroom floor, not on a bed. All of your tops, bottoms, shoes, underwear, socks, laptop, headphones, make up, furniture. Everything just disappeared. What would you do? 

What would happen if you lost your job tomorrow? If you just walked to the office and your pass stopped working. Nobody would let you in or talk to you. Your colleagues pretend like they don't know you. Your income was just cut off, cold. What would you do?

What would happen if nobody responded to you when you reached out tomorrow? Not even your parents. It's like a zombie apocalypse. Just dead silence. You're absolutely, unequivocally alone. What would you do?

What if you lost all of your hair tomorrow? Would you wear a hat or beanie at all times? Would you panic? Would you start searching up hair transplant ops? What would you do?

Would you kill yourself?

Would you cry?

Would you stop going to work?

Would you buy a couple of bottles?

Would you smoke up a storm?

Would you blast music?

Would you go crazy and go on a killing spree?

Would you hide in a hole and feel sorry for yourself?


You're more resilient than you think. Take my word for it.

Nothing you own is necessary. Not your objects, not your relationships, not your identity.

We didn't evolve for 100,000 years because we crumble.

We've been making choices and living with those choices from day one.

So abort your petty self-pity and be fucking invincible.  

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